Floor Screeds and Quality Control 

Strength Testing
Screed Strength Testing - BRE Drop Hammer Test

The strength testing method for floor screeds is a BRE drop hammer test in compliance with the
current standard of BS8204:1 2003.

The device consists of a 1m long cylindrical guide rod along which an annular weight of 4kg
(for Categories A and B), or 2kg (for Category C), travels when released. At the bottom of the
guide rod the weight strikes the collar of a case hardened steel anvil which transmits the
impact to the selected area of screed. Four successive impact blows on the same spot are
sufficient to create an indent in the screed. The depth of the indent determines the strength of
the screed.

Maximum permissible depth of indentation after BRE test.

Cat A max depth 3mm Where heavy foot traffic and point loading is expected.

Cat B max depth 4mm

Screed Moisture Testing
Moisture testing - CM MoistureTest Method

Floor screed must be moisture tested using the CM Moisture Test Method. This can be
completed with a Calcium Carbide Moisture Tester  before laying sensitive floor coverings.

The residual moisture in the screed should be less than 3% before laying  floor coverings such
as vinyl, linoleum, parquet etc. permeable floor surfaces such as stone and ceramic tiles
less than 2%

Surface Regularity Testing Services
Surface regularity can be checked to ‘BS8204 - Part 2:2003’ straight edge specifications SR1,
SR2 and SR3.

Here at Screed Masters quality control is paramount. We believe floor testing should be carried
out on every contract, not only in large commercial projects but also in new and self build

We believe every customer has the right to know to what standard the screed they are paying
for has been installed. We are confident in our installations as you should be. Testing is carried
out as part of our aftercare as verification of our quality management process.
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